Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Letter to State Auditor


AUSTIN – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sent an official request to the state auditor to report all expenses from the Texas House of Representatives and Senate related to the impeachment trial of Warren Kenneth Paxton, Jr. Here is the letter that Lt. Gov. Patrick sent:
Ms. Lisa R. Collier
State Auditor
Texas State Auditor’s Office
Robert E. Johnson Building
1501 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
Dear Ms. Collier:

As Lt. Governor, I request that the State Auditor’s office immediately begin a special audit, pursuant to Government Code Section 321.0135, to determine the total amount of financial expenditures, encumbrances and future unpaid obligations by the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Senate, and all other legislative entities receiving appropriations through Article X of the State General Appropriations Act, and the Office of the Attorney General, for the time period beginning March 1, 2023 to conclude October 15, 2023.

To be clear, the goal is to determine the absolute total cost to the state of preparing for and
conducting this trial from the beginning through its conclusion. This must detail all expenses, including but not limited to, investigators expenses, document production and assembly, attorney expenses, witness fees, travel, food and lodging. This list is illustrative, not exhaustive. Please determine and report on all expenses; if there are invoices outstanding, we seek to know what they are and when they will be received.

Upon completion of your work, I ask that in addition to those entitled to receive State Auditor Reports under Government Code 321.014, that you provide a report to each member of the legislature. I also ask that you prioritize this work so that this special audit may be completed and distributed as soon as possible.

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor