Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Letter to Gov. Greg Abbott


AUSTIN – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sent the following letter to Gov. Greg Abbott:

Dear Governor Abbott,

While the Senate worked hard all session to efficiently conduct the people’s business, many important issues affecting Texans died in the Texas House.

Senate Bill 3, the Property Tax Relief Bill, is vitally important to homeowners across the state, and the Legislature cannot retire until we achieve the biggest tax cut in the history of Texas. As well as Senate Bill 3, I urge you to consider the following conservative bills to be included in a Special Session call.

  • SB 5 — Increasing the Business Personal Property Tax Exemption & Inventory Tax Credit
  • SB 9 — Teacher Pay Raise
  • SB 16 — Banning Critical Race Theory in Higher Education
  • SB 23 — Creating A Mandatory 10-Year Prison Sentence for Criminals Committing Gun Crime
  • SB 147 — Prohibiting Hostile Foreign Governments’ Land Ownership in Texas
  • SB 990 — End Countywide Polling Places
  • SB 1039 — Election Audit Bill
  • SB 1318 — Bail Reform
  • SB 1396 — Prayer Time in Public Schools
  • SB 1515 — Ten Commandments in Schools
  • SB 1601 — Drag Queen Story Hour
  • SB 1861 — Virtual Education
  • SB 1907 — Timely Vote Count
  • SB 1911 — Sufficient Ballots
  • SB 2424 — Criminals Trespassing Across Our Southern Border
  • SB 2527 — Stopping Telehealth from Selling Dangerous Drugs Online
  • SJR 44 — No Bail for Violent Crimes
  • SJR 81 — TSTC Endowment Fund
  • HB 7 — Border Security
  • SB 1446, SB 1060, SB 2530 — Anti-ESG Legislation
  • Additional Election Security Bills

And of course, on your time schedule, SB 8 — School Choice.

I believe these bills are important for the future of Texas. They will help to significantly reduce property taxes, give parents more choices in their children’s education, secure our border, and ensure our election process is accurate and accountable.


Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor

To view Lt. Gov. Patrick’s letter to Gov. Abbott, click here.