Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Statement Supporting an Investigation Examining Harris County Elections


HOUSTON – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement today:

“Gov. Greg Abbott is absolutely right to be calling for an investigation into Harris County’s election-related conduct. Texas has an obligation to ensure elections are fair, transparent and impartial, and it is crystal clear that the public’s trust has been shaken once again in Harris County.

“It is deeply concerning that election issues in Harris County are becoming the norm. Harris County is becoming the poster child of why some voters are losing faith in our elections.

“Citizens should never accept the fact that voting machines are broken, paper ballots run out and votes are not counted on time. The other 253 counties in Texas seem to be able to conduct elections with few problems, but Harris County continues to be the outlier. Whether gross incompetence or willful misconduct, voters deserve a detailed examination of the events surrounding last week’s election.

“During the upcoming legislative session, the Texas Senate will continue to pass legislation to improve the integrity of elections by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat so voters can have their faith in our system restored.”