Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Letter Asking Gov. Abbott to Add Tuition Revenue Bonds to the Special Session Call


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sent the following letter to Gov. Greg Abbott today asking him to add tuition revenue bonds to the special session call:


Dear Governor Abbott:

I am writing to request that you add tuition revenue bonds (TRBs) as a subject to the legislative call for consideration during the Third Called Special Session of the 87th Legislature today.

Our last TRBs were in 2015. There have been requests and demands from schools across the state. Members in the House and the Senate are ready to address this need, but the House parliamentarian has indicated that it needs to be included in the call before a bill can be passed. Both chambers stand willing to address the issue and provide the funds for tuition revenue bonds to our higher education institutions. I believe you support this as well.

I am requesting that the subject be added to the call today, so that we can begin the process of getting the legislation passed through both chambers quickly. Thank you for your consideration and all you do for Texas.

Dan Patrick
Lt. Governor
To view this letter online, click here.