Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Statement on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Second Special Session Call


“The Texas Senate stands ready to begin our important work, immediately.”

AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement today following Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for an immediate second special session:

“I want to thank Gov. Abbott for calling the legislature back for a second special session. The work we will complete is critical to Texans. All of the bills on this special session call were passed by the Texas Senate during the regular legislative session this spring, but did not pass the House.

“During the first special session in July, the Texas Senate maintained a quorum and quickly passed every bill listed on Gov. Abbott’s call. Unfortunately, a quorum was not maintained in the Texas House of Representatives and all of the bills died.

“With Gov. Abbott promptly calling us back for another special session, I want Texans to know the Texas Senate stands ready to begin our important work, immediately. We will have a quorum, and we will begin committee hearings this weekend. Bills will be heard on the Senate floor beginning next week. I look forward to a productive special session for the people of Texas.”