Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Statement: Top Legislative Priorities On-Track


“Despite the unprecedented time challenges of this session including the pandemic and the winter storm, 25 conservative legislative priorities have already passed the Texas Senate”

AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement today applauding the Texas Senate for their hard work in passing 25 of the 30 priority bills he targeted for the 87th Legislative Session:

“This legislative session brought the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, which made it difficult for committees to meet as frequently as in the past, and the winter storm, which continues to require our attention as we sort through our analysis of what happened and put solutions forward. Still, the Texas Senate has managed to move our 30 conservative priority bills forward on time. The senators put in long hours and worked tirelessly to keep us on schedule. As of today, 25 of the priority bills are on their way to the Texas House and the remaining priority bills are in the process of being passed. We have passed all of Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency items and met my mid-April timeline, just as we did last session.

“The Texas Senate unanimously passed a conservative budget that does not exceed population times inflation, we have passed legislation reforming ERCOT and the PUC and laid out a path to fix the problems that caused the February power outages. We have expanded broadband access across the state and passed legislation to secure our elections. We have passed legislation to further protect life and strengthened the Second Amendment rights of all Texans. We have also stopped local governments from defunding the police and reformed the bail system, so that dangerous criminals will no longer be released with low bail or no bail at all. Also, in the same week that the NCAA threatened states that don’t open women’s sports to men, the Texas Senate took a principled stand in support of women and girls’ high school and middle school sports.

“While the Texas Senate definitely has more work to do in the next several weeks, the reforms and legislation that the conservative majority of Texas elected me to enact are moving forward. The passage of my legislative priority bills will make our great state an even better place to live, work, run a business and raise a family.”

A complete list of the priority bills passed so far is below.

Priority Bills Already Passed
Senate Bill 1 – The State Budget
Senate Bill 2 – ERCOT Reform
Senate Bill 3 – Power Grid Stability
Senate Bill 4 – Star Spangled Banner Protection Act
Senate Bill 5 – Statewide Broadband Access
Senate Bill 6 – Pandemic Liability Protection Act
Senate Bill 7 – Election & Ballot Security
Senate Bill 8 – The Heartbeat Bill
Senate Bill 9 – Abortion Ban Trigger
Senate Bill 10 – Stop Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
Senate Bill 12 – Protect Free Speech on Social Media
Senate Bill 13 – Oil & Gas Investment Protection
Senate Bill 14 – Business Freedom and Uniformity Act
Senate Bill 15 – Ban Sale of Personal Data from Certain State Agencies
Senate Bill 18 – Protect Second Amendment Businesses
Senate Bill 19 – Stop Corporate Gun Boycotts
Senate Bill 20 – Second Amendment Protections for Travelers
Senate Bill 21 – Bail Reform
Senate Bill 23 – Stop Local Police Defunding
Senate Bill 24 – Law Enforcement Transparency Act
Senate Bill 25 – Family Nursing Home Visitation Rights
Senate Bill 26 – Protect Our Freedom to Worship
Senate Bill 28 – Charter School Equity Act
Senate Bill 29 – Fair Sports for Women & Girls
Senate Bill 30 – Remove Racist Restrictions from Real Estate Deeds