Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Statement Calling for Audit of Alamo Preservation Project


HOUSTON – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick today called on the State Auditor to provide a financial and programmatic audit of the more than $138 million state dollars that have been allocated for the historic preservation of the Alamo. Here is the text of the letter:

“Since 2015 the Texas Legislature has appropriated more than $138 million to the Texas General Land Office (GLO) for the purpose of historic preservation of the Alamo.

“As Lt. Governor I have a responsibility to the taxpayers of Texas. As I evaluate possible next steps for this project, I am writing to request a financial and programmatic audit on the use of those appropriations, including expenditures to date and the budget plan for the remaining appropriations. This should include a review and report of any and all planning and architectural fees (including architectural renderings), chief executive officer and other consulting fees and staffing costs, management fees, real estate purchases, any deeds acquired, overhead and office expenses, and any and all other expenditures, by object of expense, made from the legislature’s appropriation for the historic preservation of The Alamo. Please also report remaining appropriation balances and any accounts receivable.

“This report should identify current objectives and timelines for GLO’s completion of the project, as well as any risks threatening those objectives and timelines. Please prioritize this request by beginning as soon as possible and provide an update by December 15, 2020. Timeliness is important, so please complete your report by the beginning of the next legislative session in January 2021, or as soon as practicable.”

To see the Lt. Governor Patrick’s letter to the State Auditor, click here.