Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: A-F Ratings Making a Big Difference in Texas Schools


“This past legislative session may have been the best session for public education in Texas history.”


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Patrick issued this statement today following the release of the 2019 A-F ratings for individual school campuses:

“I began the fight to establish A-F ratings in our schools as a senator, in 2013, when I served as Chair of the Senate Education Committee because I knew district and campus ratings would provide educators with the information they need to help transform our schools and ensure that more students are successful. Ratings also provide transparency to help parents make sound decisions for their child. Some may not remember that there was a great deal of opposition to establishing A-F ratings in Texas, but we got the legislation passed and today — thanks to the hard work of our teachers, administrators, and staff — Texas is reaping the benefits.

“During my time in public office, my top priority has been to make Texas public schools the best in the nation and this past legislative session we made great strides toward achieving that goal. With House Bill 3, we transformed our school finance system so it is focused on the child and we increased pay for our teachers. Aside from a parent, nothing has more impact on the success of a child than a teacher and increasing their pay is essential. And now, with our A-F campus and district ratings, parents and the community at large will have the information they need to improve their local public schools and keep them successful.”

For information on ratings at your local public school, click here:

TEA also reported today that:

  • 296 high-poverty schools achieved an A rating this year and schools across the state are making significant progress.
  • 88 campuses went from a C, D, or F in 2018 to an A in 2019. 552 campuses went from a B, C, or D in 2018 to an A in 2019.
  • 20 districts went from a C or D in 2018 to an A in 2019. 131 districts went from a B, C, or D in 2018 to an A in 2019.
  • 41% of Texas school districts improved their letter grade from 2018 (52% stayed the same and 7% declined).
  • 26% of campuses improved their letter grade from 2018.


PR 08 15 2019 Lt. Gov. Patrick Statement A-F Ratings Making A Big Difference in Texas Schools