Lt. Gov. Patrick: Statement on Certification Revenue Estimate


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Patrick made this statement today following Texas Comptroller, Glenn Hegar’s update on the 2018-19 Certification Revenue Estimate:

“The $2.6 Billion positive revenue estimate we received today is a direct result of the ingenuity, innovation and hard work of Texas business which thrives because of the sound conservative policies we have put in place.

“Our prudent approach to government spending, low taxes and reasonable regulation has made the Texas economy strong and resilient. This is why Texas has the tenth largest economy in world and is the job creator for the nation.

“This news comes at a good time as we face substantial challenges in the next legislative session including the ever increasing cost of Medicaid, the on-going recovery from Hurricane Harvey, my commitment to better securing our schools and ensuring a larger portion of education spending goes to teacher salaries.”