Lt. Gov. Patrick Addresses Texas Retired Teachers Association


Underscores Commitment to Pension and Health Care Benefits that are Available to Teachers Forever


SAN ANTONIO – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick addressed the statewide conference of the Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) in San Antonio this morning underscoring his commitment to maintain the integrity of the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and TRS Care.

“My wife Jan is a retired teacher so I know firsthand the invaluable service our retired teachers made to our state in educating the next generation of Texans who will move our state forward. I honor their dedication and commitment. Since I became lieutenant governor in 2015, we have allocated $1.5 Billion in new dollars to TRS Care to assist retired teachers in meeting their health care costs. Skyrocketing health care costs remain a daunting challenge to our state budget, as it is in every state and in the private sector as well. We will make sure retired teachers are always at the table as we work through solutions on TRS Care. This morning I told the retirees that I am committed to making sure their pension and benefits remain available forever. I know the entire legislature joins me in this commitment.”