Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: Statement on Governor Greg Abbott Signing Senate Bill 4 – Banning Sanctuary Cities


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement following Gov. Greg Abbott signing Senate Bill 4 which bans sanctuary cities in Texas. SB 4 was an emergency item for the governor and a top legislative priority for the lieutenant governor:

“I have been working tirelessly since my days as a state senator to ban sanctuary cities in Texas — a practice that has put our communities in needless danger and made them victims of crimes that may have been prevented.

“Texas has finally said ‘enough is enough’ and banned sanctuary cities. Now, no liberal local official can ignore the law and allow criminal aliens who have committed a crime to go free.

“SB 4 represents the hard work of many elected officials including Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, who was the leader in the Senate on this issue. With Gov. Abbott’s signature Texas is taking a strong stand for the rule of law and safety in our communities.”