Lt. Governor Dan Patrick: Statement on SB 4 Concurrence


Sanctuary Cities Legislation is On Its Way to the Governor’s Desk


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement today following the Texas Senate concurrence with the Texas House on Senate Bill 4 — sanctuary cities legislation. SB 4 was a top legislative priority for the lieutenant governor:

“I have been working to end sanctuary cities in Texas since my days as a state senator. This legislation will eliminate a substantial incentive for illegal immigration and help make Texas communities safer. In the past six years, criminal aliens have been charged with more than 566,000 crimes in Texas including kidnapping, homicide, burglary and much more. There is no excuse for endangering our communities by allowing criminal aliens who have committed a crime to go free. SB 4 will ensure that no liberal local official can flaunt the law.

“I’m proud to announce that today that SB 4, which will ban the dangerous practice of sanctuary cities, is on its way to the governor’s desk for his signature.”