1000 Faith Partners Join the Faith-Based Collaboration to Serve Texas Children


AUSTIN – More than a thousand faith partners have joined the Department of Family and Protective Services’ faith-based collaboration that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has pushed since last May to encourage more families across the state to open their hearts and homes to a child in need.

These faith partners are involved in a range of activities including establishing foster and adoption ministries, supporting families in crisis, and helping children with tangible needs like beds, food and clothing.

“A thousand faith-based partnerships is a major milestone for this initiative,” said Patrick. “Almost a year ago we called on Texas’ many faith-based communities to help children in need and congregations across the state have responded overwhelmingly to meet these needs. This will make a life-changing difference for children and families across the state.

“As we commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, we know we have more work to do. But the support from our faith-based community is tremendous and I thank you for answering the call to serve children in need,” concluded Patrick.

The lieutenant governor’s office created a special webpage dedicated to this faith-based collaboration to guide potential foster and adoptive parents to information about how they can help. The website also includes information about foster care and adoptions in Texas. To visit the website, go to https://ltgweb/adoptions/