Lt. Governor Patrick Calls for the Restoration of the Republic at National Press Club


“I believe a long-awaited revival of state sovereignty is right around the corner”


Washington D.C. – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick addressed a gathering of National Conference of State Legislature members at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. today. His comments come as President-elect Trump begins his transition to the White House. The lieutenant governor told state legislators they should be very excited about the incoming Trump administration:

“I believe a long awaited revival of state sovereignty is right around the corner. President Trump will work hard to address the issues that should be the focus of our federal government and give states the freedom to meet the needs of their citizens. This is an opportunity to restore the republican form of government upon which our nation was founded.

“The tenth amendment of our United States Constitution has been trampled for far too long.  The federal government has failed to adequately address our broken immigration system and has starved our national defense. Meanwhile, they have expanded their command and control over individual states and run up our national debt. President-elect Trump has personally assured me he will focus on the issues that are the purview of the federal government and allow states to handle the needs of their people.”