Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Big 12 Expansion


AUSTIN – Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick released the following statement regarding the possible expansion of the Big 12 NCAA athletic conference:

“The start of the school year means football season is upon us. As a former sportscaster I know that Texans take their football seriously, and so do I.

“I previously commented about my support for the University of Houston’s desire to join the Big 12. For many of the same reasons, I also support the inclusion of SMU.

“The impact to Texas would be big.

“Dallas and Houston are top TV markets and the Big 12 would be foolish to leave SMU and U of H on the sidelines. The economic impact to the state and to the schools is significant.

“I urge the Big 12 to carefully consider the addition of these two fine schools and all they have to offer.

“I hope Baylor University, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas and Texas Tech University will join me in supporting the addition of these two Texas schools. And, I trust these two schools will support each other.”