Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Fort Worth Independent School District Policy Change


AUSTIN – Today’s decision by the Fort Worth Independent School District is a victory for parents’ rights and student safety. I am pleased the FWISD superintendent and school board have listened to parents in the school district and pulled down their existing transgender policy.

I first went to Fort Worth to speak out against this policy because it was a clear violation of the law that allowed the district to come between parents and students.

This policy, as originally adopted, cut students, parents, the community, teachers and principals out of the process. It ran contrary to the basic tenets of local control.

As I hoped when I submitted the request for a legal opinion from our attorney general, this change brings FWISD in line with parents’ rights detailed under current law and requires administrators to resolve these issues on a case-by-case basis, as they have been. We will continue to closely monitor this issue moving forward.