Lt. Governor Patrick Calls for Strengthening Immigration Background Checks of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees


AUSTIN – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick co-signed the following letter with Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. The letter was sent to President Obama and requests his support for requiring top law enforcement and intelligence officials to certify that admitted refugees are not a threat.

“I’m happy to join Chairman McCaul in calling on President Obama to help us protect the safety and security of Texans,” said Patrick. “Allowing thousands of Iraqi and Syrian refugees into Texas without careful security and coordination with state officials is dangerous.”

In October of last year, Lt. Gov. Patrick charged the Senate Health and Human Services Committee with studying the impact of the increasing number of refugees relocating to Texas, as well as the state’s ability to mitigate the burden of providing state funded services.



 (PDF) Letter to President Obama (1.8 MB, PDF)