Lt. Governor Patrick Urges the President to Rescind his Bathroom Policy


AUSTIN – During a PBS NewsHour interview recently, President Obama said this in response to his transgender policy (Title IX guidance letter) that threatens school districts throughout the country unless they allow boys in the girls room:

Obama: “I’m not the one that is making a big issue of it.”

I find his comment totally disingenuous.  With so very few transgender students in the country, maybe as low as 1/10th of 1 percent, just how many schools were actually asking him for a solution? Secondly, his comment that he was just trying to help schools does not match the strict policy points in his guidelines. Thirdly, if only a small percentage of schools were asking for guidance, why does every school in America have to fall under his guidelines, face lawsuits or a loss of funding when they didn’t ask the Whitehouse for any help on the issue?

Mr. President, if you are being truthful in your comments that you were just trying to help – then immediately rescind your threat of withholding billions of dollars in federal education money unless schools cower to your demands. Let the schools consider your suggestions and then make their own decisions.