Lt. Governor Patrick Holds Press Conference on Escalating University Tuition Rates and Student Debt


AUSTIN –  Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Senate Higher Education Committee Chair Kel Seliger held a press conference to address data collected related to skyrocketing university tuition, fee rates and student debt.

“The issue of rising tuition and rising student debt is of great public concern,” said Patrick. “It is the responsibility of the legislature to respond and work with our higher education institutions to lower costs. After passing a budget that increased funding for higher education by 8.9 percent last session, universities quickly raised their tuition rates. Since 2002, university tuition and fees increased 147 percent while the median household income and consumer price index have only increased 32 percent. Costs have simply outpaced what families are earning and able to pay.

“Next session the Senate will look closely at a number of cost reforms, including performance-based funding, which brings increased accountability and affordability back by requiring education institutions to meet high performance targets before increasing tuition above inflation.

“The issue of rising tuition rates and student debt must end and I will do what it takes to bring relief to hard-working families across Texas,” concluded Patrick.

To see the press conference on tuition rates and student debt from this morning click here:



 (PDF) Chart: Academic Charges vs CPI (151 KB, PDF)

 (PDF) Chart: Academic Charges vs MHI (130 KB, PDF)

 (PDF) Chart: Rising Academic Charges (60 KB, PDF)