(Replaced) Lt. Governor Patrick Reviews Texas Border Security Operations


MCALLEN – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick recently toured the Texas-Mexico border for an accountability update of his number one priority – border security. This was Patrick’s first chance to see firsthand the benefits of Texas’ unprecedented $800 million border security initiative approved by the Texas Senate, during the 84th legislative session.



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The lieutenant governor was accompanied by DPS Director Steve McCraw, DPS regional commander Joe Rodriguez, DPS troopers, a team of Texas Rangers and members of the Border Patrol.



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Texas has added 2,000 night vision cameras along the border in the last year putting the total at over 4,000. These cameras detect those crossing illegally and help law enforcement intercept them and their illegal drugs more than ever before. Texas has added air power, river boats, and more troopers along the border in an integrated effort to better secure the border.

In a meeting with local police along the Valley border they praised the recent initiative and asked for the state support to continue. They reported a major reduction in crime in their communities.

“We have a long way to go before the border is secure. But we are making major strides in Texas. We need the federal government to step up their efforts to protect the border. Texas is leading the way and our results show the border can be secured if the federal government will make the commitment we have made in Texas,” said Lt. Governor Patrick.


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