Lt. Governor Patrick Statement on Dismissal of all Charges Against Gov. Perry


AUSTIN – I am extremely pleased that the unconstitutional criminal charges filed against Governor Rick Perry by a rogue Travis County prosecutor have been dismissed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

As I pointed out more than a year ago, Gov. Perry is a dedicated public servant who served our state with integrity and in the best interest of Texans.

From the start of this torturous and expensive legal journey it was clear he was within his constitutional authority to veto the funding for the Travis County Public Integrity Office.

This indictment was wrong and should never have been brought. Our legal system should never be used to settle political differences.

Public office holders must have the ability to question the use of tax dollars – especially as they relate to the funding of a mismanaged government entity.

In this case, Governor Perry chose to withhold funding from an elected official and tax supported public agency he deemed was not acting in the best interest of the public.

I support the action he took and today’s ruling by Texas’ highest criminal court.