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This was another busy week as I sought the help of the Attorney General in protecting our religious liberties. I announced the creation of a new Senate select committee that will study the competitiveness of Texas ports, and made new appointments to the Elections Advisory Committee. I also had the opportunity to visit the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University.


A Request for an AG Opinion on Religious Liberty
Anytime our religious liberty is threatened, rest assured that I will lead the fight to protect them. Recently, a complaint was filed against Judge Wayne Mack from Montgomery County for a volunteer-led justice court chaplaincy program. The chaplains provide counseling upon request as well as in-court voluntary prayer. As a result, I’ve asked Attorney General Ken Paxton to give an opinion on the constitutionality of these volunteer-led programs. I believe these programs are well within our constitutional rights and reflect the values of Montgomery County citizens. I will not allow for our religious freedom to be infringed upon.

To read why I stand with Judge Mack and requested this AG opinion request, click here.


Senate Select Committee on Texas Ports

For the 14th consecutive year, Texas has lead the nation as the top exporting state. Our ports create millions of jobs throughout the state. In order to remain a competitive force in global trade I have created a new Senate Select Committee on Texas Ports. Chaired by Senator Brandon Creighton, this committee will focus on the needs of our ports, including inland ports, so that Texas can be better prepared to benefit from the Panama Canal expansion.

To see the list of Senate members appointed to the committee click here.



Texas Port of Beaumont.


Elections Advisory Committee Appointments
Maintaining the integrity of our elections is an important undertaking of the democratic process. This week I’ve appointed six members of the Texas media to the Elections Advisory Committee. The committee’s role is to make recommendations to the Texas Secretary of State on the release of unofficial returns for the primary and general elections.

To see the list of my appointees click here.


Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

I toured Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The staff is┬ádoing some remarkable things at this facility, including cancer research and treatment. Their work is impacting human medicine as well. Their work is a significant advancement in the identification and treatment of cancer, and is shared with Texas’ medical schools. A big thanks to the hard working veterinarians at Texas A&M. Keep up the good work.



Lt. Gov. Patrick touring TX A&M Veterinary facility.



Lt. Gov. Patrick at TX A&M Veterinary facility.


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