Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Commission and Board Appointments


AUSTIN –¬† Today, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appointed five members to the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission. Additionally, a state senator was appointed to the Southern States Energy Board and a Texan was appointed to the Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) Grant Program Advisory Board.


Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

This commission  provides advice and assistance to public and private primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education on the implementation of Holocaust and genocide courses and awareness programs.

Fran Berg
Martin Fein
Ambassador Sichan Siv
Gilbert Tuhabonye
Matthew Kornhauser


Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) Grant Program Advisory Board

This board Assists the Texas Workforce Commission in administering the Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) grant program, which provides grants to public junior colleges, public technical institutes and certain independent school districts.

Mario Lozoya


Southern States Energy Board

Appointee serves as regional representative for energy-related and environmental concerns.

Senator Craig Estes


“I am pleased to be able to appoint such hardworking Texans to these important groups,” said Patrick. “Their experience, dedication and willingness to serve personifies the spirit of Texas and its enviable reputation as the greatest state in the nation.”