Lt. Governor Patrick on President Obama’s Terrorism Speech


AUSTIN – President Obama’s speech on the war against Islamic terrorism was predictably weak and only serves to highlight his lack of attention to the safety and security of the American people. In his remarks he failed to announce any real action on national security and seeks to undermine our personal security by once again attacking the Second Amendment.

He provided no action plan to address border security and no steps to immediately stop the flow of Syrian refugees heading to this country. His bold new initiative is to finally review the VISA program; an idea so obvious at this late date that it is almost laughable. This should have been done years ago.

He closed his remarks with the standard liberal refrain, an attack on our Second Amendment rights at a time when his failure to act makes personal self-defense even more critically important. In Texas, our priority is to keep the people safe and we will continue to take every step possible at the state level to secure our border and stand up for the Second Amendment.

National security starts with border security and border security starts in Texas. Washington may choose to look the other way – but not Texas.