Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Fourth Installment of Interim Charges


AUSTIN – Today, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced interim charges for the Health and Human Services (HHS) and Transportation Committees. Interim charges for the final installment of committees will be announced Wednesday.

All the interim charges reflect the concerns and priorities of Texans across the state and include input from every senator.

“As good citizens it is our job to help protect those that are most vulnerable, including the unborn, foster children, and the elderly,” said Patrick. “The HHS Committee will continue to carefully review the use of fetal tissue for research and examine the legal cause of action termed ‘wrongful birth.’ The HHS Committee will also examine health services provided to foster children, including those who suffer from trauma and mental health illnesses with the goal of increasing adoption rates. The committee will identify opportunities for improved collaboration to promote healthy aging options for every Texan. Additionally, the committee will continue to examine ways to improve access to health care, reduce costs and eliminate fraud and wasteful spending as well as pursuing flexibility from federal mandates.

“Transportation issues, particularly traffic congestion, have plagued Texans for far too long,” continued Patrick. “The Transportation Committee will monitor a range of issues including the implementation of Proposition 7, should Texas voters decide in November to approve this important amendment to the Constitution. The committee will review how transportation projects are selected and the efficiency of state vehicle inspection procedures.”

Patrick noted that with the expansion of the Panama Canal, Texas has new transportation opportunities to increase the global economic reach of the state. “I have asked the committee to look for ways to address the needs of Texas ports with an eye toward the future,” Patrick concluded.



 (PDF) 84th Senate Interim Charges, Part 4 (131KB, PDF)