Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Statement on Racing Commission Meeting


AUSTIN – “Today the Texas Racing Commission met to continue their push for an expansion of gambling that the court’s have ruled, exceeds their statutory authority. I will have a comment on their vote at the appropriate time.

“However, I do have a statement at this time on the inappropriate and offensive comments concerning Chairwoman Jane Nelson at the hearing and in recent news stories.

“As Lt. Governor, I will not tolerate politically motivated attacks on the character and integrity of Chairwoman Nelson or any member of the Senate by members of the Racing Commission or their supporters.

“If any member of the Racing Commission participated in this type of behavior, or does so in the future, I will ask Governor Abbott to request their immediate resignation.

“I was shocked, as were members of the Senate, at the inappropriate tone and language of today’s hearing. The Racing Commission owes Senator Nelson, and members of the Senate, an apology.”