Planned Parenthood’s Absence Speaks Loudly at Health and Human Services Hearing


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made the following statement regarding Wednesday’s Senate Health and Human Services hearing on Planned Parenthood’s business practices:

“Recent video recordings depicting top medical officials from Planned Parenthood describing the sale of unborn child body parts and tissue have raised serious concerns across Texas. I commend Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair Charles Schwertner for responding to my request and swiftly calling a hearing to investigate these disturbing business practices.

“Planned Parenthood declined multiple invitations by the committee to testify and defend their position. Their failure to participate at the hearing clearly demonstrates a disregard for the investigative process or helping Texans understand the truth about what is really going on.

“I look  forward to the conclusion and appropriate recommendations from the Health and Human Services Committee’s investigation of Planned Parenthood, and any other abortion provider in Texas who may be profiting from these horrible acts.”