Lt. Governor Patrick Calls for an Expedited Committee Investigation of Planned Parenthood in Texas


AUSTIN – In light of a recently released video recorded admission by a senior executive from Planned Parenthood concerning the distribution of fetal tissue, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called for an expedited committee investigation and made the following statement:

“The recent video of one of Planned Parenthood’s senior executive directors nonchalantly discussing the business dealings of distributing unborn child body parts and tissue is appalling.

“Texas taxpayers must be assured that the sanctity of life and the dignity of human remains are diligently being protected. Texans also deserve to know that no tax dollars are supporting a business that admittedly generates funds through the exploitation of abortions over choosing innocent life.

“I am requesting that Senator Charles Schwertner and the Senate Health and Human Services Committee conduct an interim hearing within the next month to ensure no laws are being broken. The committee will report back to the full Senate on Planned Parenthood’s business practices conducted in Texas, and make whatever recommendations are appropriate.”