Comments in response to the release of the Texas Monthly – Best and Worst List


AUSTIN – For all their hype, the release of this year’s Texas Monthly – Best and Worst List, the article offers its readers nothing but hyperbole and cheap shots. It is a poor example of journalistic standards.

The writers of the article failed to recognize that this was one of the most productive and successful sessions in history. That success was achieved through the efforts and hard work of the members of the Texas Senate. They represented the interests of their district and addressed the important business of the state.

As for the five members of the Senate who were singled out for criticism, the writers failed to recognize the extensive body of work and accomplishments of each member and instead chose to focus on the apparent pet peeves of the writers.

As new Senate Chairs, Senators Huffman, Campbell and Schwertner each performed like seasoned veterans. Senator Uresti was a valued member of the Finance Committee and a strong advocate for his district. Chair Jane Nelson, in my view and the view of many, proved to be the best Finance Chair of the modern era.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will not always agree with all 31 members, nor will they with me, but it was a pleasure to work with each one. I look forward to the 85th Legislative Session.