Lt. Governor Dan Patrick on Historic Passage of “Open Carry” Bill


AUSTIN – Today, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick congratulated the Texas Senate for the final passage of Committee Substitute for House Bill 910 (CSHB 910) with a vote of 20 – 11.

“More than two months ago, the Texas Senate approved similar legislation enhancing Second Amendment freedoms on a vote of 20-10,” said Patrick. “With time running out on this legislative session, the Senate has once again stood up for the Second Amendment to ensure law-abiding licensed Texans have the right to open carry.

“While the Senate considered attaching ‘campus carry’ to this bill, Speaker Joe Straus has assured the Texas Senate that the House will approve a ‘campus carry’ bill in time to be approved by the Senate and sent to the Governor to become law before time runs out on the 84th Legislative Session,” concluded Patrick.