Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Makes a Statement on Legislative Accord with House


Major priorities on tax cuts, Second Amendment and border security will now move forward.

AUSTIN – For more than a month, I believed the Senate and the House would come together to resolve differences on tax relief, tax reform, border security, Second Amendment issues, transportation funding, education reform and other legislative issues. With the agreement that was finalized and with Senate Bill 1, Texas homeowners will get tax relief beginning this year in the form of an increased homestead exemption, if approved by voters in the Fall.

The Senate’s property tax reform bill, Senate Bill 1760, will achieve lasting property tax relief by no longer allowing local taxing jurisdictions to increase their budgets through property tax appraisal increases. They will now have to publicly vote by a super majority to increase your property values over the previous year. This agreement also includes a 25-percent franchise tax cut for businesses.

In addition, the house and senate have agreed to pass a border security bill that enacts a comprehensive package utilizing local, state and federal resources. The Senate increased border security funding to its highest level in history to ensure the National Guard or Department of Public Safety remain on the border. Our southern border must be secure and this bill helps Texas do what the federal government has failed to do.

Lastly, the issue of open carry will finally be passed and Texas will join the large majority of states who allow open carry. I am proud of the fact the legislature is making history while defending life, liberty and our Second Amendment Right.

I believe this agreement establishes the framework for what will be one of the most, if not the most, productive legislative sessions in the history of the Texas Senate. I give all of the credit to the members for their hard work. However, we still have a lot of work to do over the next two weeks to accomplish the remainder of your priorities.

Your Senators have worked tirelessly over the last five months and I know they will continue to do so over the next two weeks.