Texas Senate Update from Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick


Passing the Senate Budget

This week, the Texas Senate overwhelmingly passed a fiscally responsible and strong budget with a vote of 30-1.

Texans have declared they want leadership that keeps this state the beacon of economic prosperity and freedom, and that’s what the Senate budget ensures. This comprehensive budget includes $4.5 billion in business and property tax relief, historic level of funding for border security, increased funding for quality public education, and prioritized transportation funding that reduces debt and tolls.

The budget’s highlights include:

  • All funds growth of the budget is less than a five percent increase over the biennium
  • It is within constitutional spending limits and is below the growth in population times inflation
  • Guarantees cuts in business and property taxes by $4.5B
  • Vastly strengthens border security with $811M to hire more Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers, add a new Ranger Company, provide additional technology and continue the Texas National Guard on the border until those DPS assets can be brought on-line
  • Provides $4.9B in additional transportation funding
  • Fully funds public education plus an additional $1.5B to increase the basic allotment formula from $5,040 to $5,134 in 2016 and $5,140 in 2017, improves equity and provides funding for more school facilities.
  • Reforms education by providing $60M for math and reading training for K-3 teachers. Adds $25M for career counseling for middle school students
  • Eliminates the Emerging Technology Fund
  • Adds $60M for Graduate Medical Education to provide sufficient funding for every Texas medical school graduate to have a residency in Texas
  • Increases mental health funding by $258.8M and adds $50M for women’s health

Senator Jane Nelson and the Senate have done an outstanding job in delivering on the priorities of our fellow Texans.

(Read my press release on the Senate Budget here.)




Lt. Gov. Patrick and Sen. Nelson discuss the Senate budget at a press gaggle following session.


Any Budget Without Property Tax Relief is a NO

I continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Governor Greg Abbott who said in his State of the State address, “I will also insist on property tax reduction. It’s time for property owners – not government – to truly own their property. My plan calls for a $2 billion reduction in the business franchise tax and a $2.2 billion reduction in the property tax burden. My budget includes an appropriation that makes school districts whole for any tax revenue they might lose.”

This is why the Senate budget, approved by a 30-1 vote this week, is in sync with your wishes, my priorities, the Senate’s and Governor Abbott’s.

The people and business owners of Texas deserve – and need – both.

(Read my full statement here.)




Lt. Gov. Patrick gavels final passage of CSHB 1.


Empowering Parents

Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) by Senate Education Chair Larry Taylor passed out of the Senate. This bill empowers parents for removing their children from failing schools quicker. It reduces the amount of time parents would have to wait to petition for either closing or converting a failing school to a charter school, from five years to three years.

These are important steps that bring additional accountability to our schools and encourages parent engagement in their child’s education.

I congratulate Senator Larry Taylor for his leadership and for putting our children’s education first.

(Read my statement here.)




Lt. Gov. Patrick and Sen. Taylor discussing SB 14.


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Lt Gov. Patrick speaking at TX Federation of Republican Women luncheon.


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