Lt. Governor Patrick – Statement on Any Budget Without Property Tax Relief


AUSTIN – Today is “Tax Day” and the perfect opportunity for me to once again reiterate my position regarding property tax reductions for struggling Texans. I continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Governor Greg Abbott who said in his State of the State address, “I will also insist on property tax reduction. It’s time for property owners – not government – to truly own their property. My plan calls for a $2 billion reduction in the business franchise tax and a $2.2 billion reduction in the property tax burden. My budget includes an appropriation that makes school districts whole for any tax revenue they might lose.”

This is why the Senate budget, approved by a 30-1 vote yesterday, is in sync with the people’s wishes, my priorities, the Senate’s and Governor Abbott’s.

Let there be no misunderstanding, I agree with Governor Abbott that I too will not support any budget that does not have franchise tax relief. I also will not support any budget that does not have property tax relief, as well.

The property tax relief provided in the Senate’s budget is only the first step in a comprehensive approach towards reducing property taxes.

The people and business owners of Texas deserve – and need – both.