Lt. Governor Patrick on Passage of Parent Empowerment Bill


AUSTIN – Senate Education Chair Larry Taylor’s Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) passed out of the Senate today.

“No parent should have to wait five years before being allowed to intervene in their child’s under-performing school,” said Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. “Parent empowerment is key to success and our children deserve a better education.

“I congratulate Senator Larry Taylor for his leadership and for putting our children’s education first.”

SB 14 provides parent empowerment for removing their children from failing schools quicker. It reduces the amount of time parents would have to wait to petition for either closing or converting a failing school to a charter school, from five years to three years.

The bill will encourage parents to participate in meaningful action to improve failing campuses. It give parents more control over their child’s future, school’s direction and community success.